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Creating A Success Out of Your First Google Adwords Ad

30/03/2010 13:42

The title of top PPC network on the internet still belongs to Google Adwords, and they are expected to remain on top for years. What's great about Adwords is that anyone can setup an account and run a campaign in a few hours. Any ad words campaign needs compelling ads in order to be successful. There is a limitation on the number of text characters when advertising on adwords so make sure you select the right combination of words and statements to get your audience's attention and generate click-throughs.

Expert adwords users follow a basic structure when composing their adwords ad. If you're totally new with Adwords, here's a strategy you can use to base your first ad on.

1. Headlines must contain your keyword. Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, authors of the book "The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" explain that more people click on ads when the headline includes the keyword or keyphrase that they were searching on. This means it is to your advantage to include the keyword or keyphrase in that very first line; weave these words into the headline to create an attention-grabbing headline that has the potential to generate more clicks.

2. Describe your benefit in the second line. Most readers will respond to an ad that clearly lists a key benefit near the beginning. Make sure you are listing your benefit on the second line, not your offer or a feature. State what they will gain from you before giving out the details of your offer.

3. Use the third line for your feature or offer.  When you've clearly stated the benefit, then it's time to introduce your special offer or a feature that supports the benefit. Keep it short and simple, and make sure this line does not overpower the second line.

4. Use the last line for your landing page. Many companies make the mistake of inserting only their website URL on the last line, but you have the freedom to enter in any destination you want in this area. This is a great reason to set up a separate landing page specifically for your Adwords campaign; this landing page URL can be inserted into every ad you run so you can track how well your ad is performing.

5. Run a similar ad to improve your campaign. You can run two similar but differently worded ads to improve your campaign. Make small changes in your ads and see which version will perform better.

All elements needed for success in Google Adwords can be mastered with practice. Remember to track your performance always so that you can pinpoint areas for improvement. In any case, don't delay your usage of Google adwords and follow these tips to start running ads now.


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