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Effective Ways to Maximize PPC Marketing

16/02/2010 16:51

One sure way to get massive traffic to your site and to capture your target audience is to use the Pay per click marketing strategy. There are certain tactics and techniques that can be applied for you to get the most out of your Pay Per Click strategy. These are some of the most effective Pay Per Click techniques that can be used regularly:

There is a Pay Per Click tactic called A/B testing that can be done to advertising copy but it fails to track anything else but insignificant changes. You have to pay full attention to the difference in user behavior by doing another kind of assessment which would entail changing the keywords or keyphrases in your ads. The most effective keywords and keyphrases can be identified from the results of this assessment after a few weeks. After this test, before getting Pay per click advertising, check the effectiveness of your landing or capture page.

When setting up pay per click advertising campaigns, you also need to test your landing pages. It's generally a good idea to set up several different landing pages and create identical ads that go to different destinations. That way, you can track which landing pages are truly converting and which ones are setting visitors astray. Use a reliable analytics tool to help you retrieve quality data and analyze it regularly to look for patterns and trends.

You have to plan the budget for your Pay per click advertising expense. Deciding how much to pay for a Pay Per Click campaign is based on wisdom rather than basic cost computation, as advised by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, authors of the "Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords". You can make a wise decision based on the viability of the market, what you can afford, and how confident you are in making clicks turn into sales. What is the average time a visitor spends on your site? Are they going to immediately purchase or do they just browse around your site? There may be a need to up your budget to bring in more potential clients rather than those who are simply hunting for information.

Every so often, you have to track down slow performing keywords. The Google Adwords tool helps to identify which ads show up for irrelevant searches, and with this data you can eliminate those keywords from your bid list to stop wasting money.

It is useless to compete in organic search listings for the keywords and keyphrases that you have placed a bid for that are in good ranking positions. When you have positioned your specific keywords on major search engines, there is not longer a need to double it up by placing it on ads. For a site the most chances to prosper, it is ideal to have it found on the first page of search engine results and there is no need to use keywords that already have been placed in ads.

The combined use of Pay Per Click and Google Adwords or other sponsored listing providers is very effective in getting quality traffic but you have to be able to adjust to the changes in marketing trends and patterns. To ensure the success of your Pay Per Click campaign, there are some basic techniques and tactics that can be used to attract the right kind of traffic.


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