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Five Ways to Create Your Google AdWords Campaign

06/06/2009 11:40

Google Adwords continues to be one of the leading pay-per-click systems on the Internet, and is a valuable way for you to buy traffic for your website or blog. Understanding how Google Adwords works is only a part of being successful with PPC advertising; you'll need to understand how to create effective campaigns, how to develop ad groups, and how to place bids for the right keywords.

There are fundamental strategies for building a successful campaign that applies to everyone using Adwords, regardless of what their niche is. Below are some essential tips you can use to get the most out of Google AdWords:

1. Set-up your account with the Adword's Wizard. A beginner will find it easy to set-up a google adwords account using the wizard. The wizard will show you the basics of all your account management tools.

2. Write a convincing ad. Effective ads contain certain elements that are arranged in a particular format. The format is as follows: Use your keyword or keyphrase in your ads' headlines. Include a benefit in your second line and state a special promo or feature in the third line. Lastly, do not forget to place your landing page's URL in the fourth line. This format is already a time-tested strategy endorsed by known Adwords authorities such as Perry Marshall, author of "The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" and Peter Kent, author of "Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies".

3. Use the right keywords. Google provides users with a robust Keyword Selector tool that allows you to generate lists of highly targeted keywords and keyphrases related to your niche. Explore this tool as much as possible when you are setting up your campaign, and even when you are looking for appropriate keywords for your website or blog.

4. Find out how to do keyword matching. You can conduct broad matches, phrase matches and exact matches inside Google's keyword selection tool for your collection of keywords. This allows you to get additional relevant keywords for your campaigns. There is also a feature tied with Adwords called negative match. Negative match allows you to specify words that when entered by someone searching google, will not result in your ad running in the person's web browser.

5. Create a budget. One of the best feature Google Adwords offers is the ability to specify a daily budget for your campaigns. Just enter the total amount you are willing to spend daily and Google will automatically take funds from your account. Start with a low budget first to minimize risk. Get some data first at the start of your campaign. You want to know the exact cost of a lead and the actual keywords that convert to a sale. You can then optimize your campaign based on your data and at the same time set a higher budget allowance for even bigger rewards.


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