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How to Launch a More Effective Pay Per Click Campaign

17/04/2010 08:47

There are ways to get the maximum results from your already highly effective Google Adwords Pay per click campaign that can be done before writing and executing an ad. If your ad is very specific, and you have written it in such a way that it will draw in the potential customers, you will be able to make your Pay per click ad for Google Adwords work better. Expert Author, Bruce Brown, in his book, "The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click Advertising", shows more solutions to the problem he had stated about generic ads simply not working with Pay per click advertising. Here are a few basic methods that you can apply to make your Pay per click campaign with Google Advertising work more efficiently:

1. Make sure your ad links directly to the product purchase page. Don't let potential customers get away with just visiting the home page of your website. Make sure that the ad is linked directly to the product purchase page or you could lose a sale.

2. Use a reputable search engine. Google, and the others like Bing and Yahoo! are among the leading search engines where you can set up a Pay per click campaign. Make sure you are reaching the widest possible audience by selecting a search engine that many of your target customers will be using. The most popular Pay per click Advertising is that of Google Adwords.

3. See what the top ten competitors are like. It is good to know what your competitors are made out of as the traffic that you are competing for is searching for the very same keywords. What do the top ranking sites do? What can you do to make yours stand out? The internet market usually scrolls through various Pay per click ads, and this is why your ad still has a high chance of being clicked even if it is not at the top of the rotation.

4. Expand your online marketing. Pay per click campaigns like Google Adwords are just one element of online marketing. Expand your internet marketing campaign with other techniques such as affiliate marketing, contextual advertising and classified ads to reach a wider audience.

5. Target your ads demographically. There is a feature called demographic targeting that some Pay per click ads like Google Adwords has, and this will allow you to choose the area in which your ads will be shown. Effectively used, this will allow you to saturate the viewing audience of the target area you want with your ads, giving you a better chance of getting more clicks from your target market.

6. Figure out what the right keywords or keyphrases are. There are a vast number of online keyword tools, and the most popular is the Google Keyword tool. This tool will show you a list of alternative keywords and keyphrases and its statistics based on your specified keyword search. With the results generated by this tool, you can study the figures and decide which keyword or keyphrase will be the best ones to use.

7. Use an Ad Filtering feature. Cut down on fraudulent clicks by blocking certain websites or regions that you have no interest in advertising in. This will help you save some money and will also allow you to get an accurate idea of what your conversion rates and click through rates are. If you suspect fraud, look into a fraud detection and prevention program that may be available by your Pay per click provider.

You can make the most of your Pay per click campaign like that of Google Adwords to bring in more of the kind of traffic that you want. These are just the very basic things that you have to know to run at the highest efficiency your Pay per click campaign like that of Google Adwords. If you want to be able to get a bigger share of the enormous income potential that the internet can give to you, it will be to your advantage to apply the other marketing strategies like that which can be found with Google Advertising.


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