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Keyword Tools For Successful Adwords Campaigns

16/07/2009 16:48

Creating a successful Google Adwords Campaign starts out with selecting the right keywords and keyphrases. You don't just guess for the right keywords and hope to profit from them. There is a process you must follow and tools you must use in building a keyword list.

Almost all Adwords masters use a three-step strategy when selecting keywords. First, they will start with obvious keywords and run them through the keyword tool to determine the volume and types of searches performed. Then, they may start researching synonyms to find out similar and related searches being conducted by their target market. Finally, they will identify underperforming keywords and eliminate or tweak them from the campaign.

The three-step method described above cannot be implemented without a reliable keyword tool. Howie Jacobson, author of 'Adwords for Dummies' gives out the four most reliable keyword tools that you can use for your campaigns: Google Keyword Selector Tool, Keyword Discovery, Word Tracker and a plain Thesaurus.

The most popular tool is Google's Keyword Selector Tool. It is free and you can access it through your Adwords account. The tool allows you to run your keywords on its system and provide you with synonyms or other relevant keywords in your niche. This tool can also compare keywords based on a wide set of statistical data such as search conducted per month, average searches in a year, average cost per click and many others.

Keyword Discovery tool has more features suited for experienced Adwords users and SEO specialists. Its main features include the ability to handle many lists of keywords, compare and analyze different data and easily convert data analyses into reports. It is a paid service though but it is a step above Google's free Adwords Keyword tool.

Word Tracker has a paid service and a free tool. The free keyword tool is quite useful for cross-referencing keyword data. It only provides very basic data such as the number of searches conducted within a month for a keyword or keyphrase. It is also important to note that the data this tool produces may have some discrepancy with Google's Keyword Selector tool.

Keyword tools are really effective at digging deep into a niche and getting long-tail keywords and other relevant keyterms. Keyword tools are convenient for comparing hundreds of keyword data side by side and even allow you to export all your work into an electronic spreadsheet or other soft document format to back-up and store your data locally.

Keyword research is literally the key to creating successful adwords campaigns. Get this right and you will have an understanding of your market that can then be translated into ads that bring in enormous click-through rates. Use all the tools available at your disposal, may they be free or paid services. If you're starting out, I highly suggest that you print out or organize all the data you get from these tools in order to build your campaign's foundation.


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