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Launch an Effective Google Adwords Campaign by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

26/01/2010 13:25

Establishing a Google Adwords campaign that works is tough. Tougher still if you are entering a new niche or just starting to operate in an unfamiliar market. You can gain an understanding of the market by looking at your competitors, but true understanding will only come once you launch your campaign. The truth is, its hard to find the winning formula to establish a winning campaign. However, you can increase your chances by avoiding common mistakes.

The book "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" is a must read for anyone who wants to break in into adwords.The author of the book, Perry Marshall, provides clear and concise information regarding Google advertising and direct marketing for both beginners and intermediate users who are looking to gain more from their campaigns.

When you want to build an effective Google Adwords campaign - a campaign that gives you laser-targeted traffic that generates sales - make sure you're not making any of these five common mistakes:

1. Not including your keywords in the body of your ads. A lot of beginning Adwords users make the mistake of only using the keyword in the headline, and then nowhere else within the ad. You want to make sure your ad copy is as relevant and keyword-rich as possible, so feel free to use at least 1-2 keywords or key phrases within the ad for extra benefits.

2. Directing all traffic to your homepage.. Don't send the traffic from your ads to your homepage. In most cases, a homepage serves to guide visitors to the different contents of a site. Those who click on ads do so because they want to get more information referred to by the ad. However, visitors will often leave if they have to exert some effort in order to get what they want from a site. Provide the content or information your visitors want by directing them to a specific landing page.

3. Utilizing Broad match in your research. Broad match keywords are most useful in giving you a general idea about your market. Instead, make use of the 'phrase match' and 'exact match' in the keyword tool to create a more targeted list of keywords.

4. Having keywords that do not perform. Understanding exactly what your target market is searching for will take some time, and you cannot always assume that people will be searching for your products or services using the same keywords that you may use online.  The Google Ad words Keyword Selector Tool has a synonyms feature that you can use to reveal the keywords that you should be targeting.

5. Using an ineffective headline. People mostly see the headlines of the ads. Having a solid headline will determine if the person viewing your ad will read on and click it or just ignore your ad and move on. Try to include your best offer in your headlines for more clicks.


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