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Simple Ways to Write Great Ads for Your Google Adwords Campaign

23/10/2009 15:24

Writing effective ads for your Google Adwords campaigns isn’t always easy, especially if you’re working in a highly competitive niche and need to use keywords that many of your competitors are already using.  The difference between your copy and theirs will come down to semantics that is, unique ways you present the information and attract attention from your target audience.This can be done by writing and testing a number of ads, fortunately, you no longer have to do most of the work!  Affiliate marketers already know the secrets and strategies for writing ads that actually convert customers and encourage hundreds, even thousands of clicks.

Perry Marshall, the author of The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords explains that customers and viewers of your ads will only convert into prospects or leads when they can truly resonate with the message delivered in the ad.You can absolutely increase your click-through rate and lead to your homepage highly interested prospects when you apply similar tone, language, and conversational style as your customers.

The following are proven ways to help you compose effective ads for your Google Ad words campaign

1. Assume the undoable or impossible. People continue to be attracted to simply out-of-this-world claims; even if they don’t believe it, the idea piques their interest and they are likely to click on your ad. Evoke their curiosity by presenting out-of-this-world claims, and see how those clicks multiply!

2. Present a secret. Individuals prefer being informed as it makes them feel advantageous about a specific product or service. The more you offer useful information to your viewers, the more that you become a step closer to your desired results. It is essential employing this elaborate scheme when you establish a new product or service in the market.

3. Know the benefits of ellipses. One tested way in generating more clicks is using ellipses or adding three dots to the last sentence of your adwords ads. The reader naturally thinks there is more information sitting right behind that click, and is predisposed to clicking the ad to find out more. If your ad is one that presents an answer to a specific question or offers solution to a problem, the strategy using ellipses is what you need since it forms intrigue and eventually enhances viewers' response rate on your ad.

4. Use all-caps in each of your leading words. Produce an ad that makes impact to viewers as you capitalize your keywords, however, you may ignore the placeholders ('in', 'the', 'and'). Doing this facilitates reading and usually appeals to the audience more than the other similar ad campaigns in your market. Using capital letters also renders professional look on your ad and elicits trust from the audience or viewer.

5. Enhance your headline with powerful take-action words. One of the most powerful words in the advertising world today is 'free' because anyone who clicks on the ad gets an incentive. These set of words also create increased click-throughs and allows 'hungry' leads to almost instantly click on your ads: 'Discover', 'Get', or 'Learn'.


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