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Strengthening PPC Ad Performance Using Several Techniques

18/04/2012 18:46

It will take time and lots of testing in order to be able to maximize the click-through rate that you get for your Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns. However, there are various ways that you may be able to do this. One of the most well-known strategies for improving PPC ad campaigns is to run several variations of the ad and monitor results; changing only a few words and sentences can make a considerable difference to the click-through rate, and you can then dispose of the low-performing ads instantly.

Still, there are other ways to fine-tune your pay-per-click efforts. Peter Kent, author of the book 'Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies' identifies several techniques for improving your Quality Score on Google Adwords and creating effective, highly targeted campaigns. Here are some simple strategies to help you improve PPC ad performance and increase click through rates:

1. Use negative match keywords. Adding Negative Match keywords to your campaign can eliminate unnecessary clicks and attract a higher quality of visitors to your site. Negative matching is easy to coordinate with Google Adwords; you need to indicate which words you don't want to include in the campaign, and Google will not display your ad on results pages that search with that word.

2. Modify your CPCs for major keywords. The Google Adwords program allows you to edit your keywords in several ways, and changing the CPC for a campaign may be an effective way to boost performance. It is very simple. To make the changes, you only need to click on The Tools, which is found in the Campaign Management tab. This gives you complete control over the ad and makes it much easier to fine-tune your efforts.

3. Review and resubmit any rejected ads. Google Adwords will review every ad you submit and either accept or reject it. All rejected ads are stored in your Campaign Management section, and you can edit and resubmit them at any time. Review your work regularly and don't be afraid to resubmit an ad after tweaking it with different keywords.

4. At different times of the day, run your ads. Dayparting' is the technique of defining what time of day your ads should be run, and you can coordinate this for a better reach. For example, if you are promoting restaurant coupons, it may be a good idea to run the ads a few hours before lunch or dinner hours when people are thinking about where to go or what to eat.

5. Study your target market. Writing effective and compelling ads may require doing some basic market research. Why would your target audience be interested in your product? What tone, language style and ads are they already responding to? Read discussion forums related to your niche and find out as much as you can about your customers to write the most persuasive ads consistently.

A tedious trial-and-error process may be involved if you want to improve your pay-per-click or Adwords marketing efforts. Use these tips and techniques to improve your ad strategy and start generating high quality clicks and leads.

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