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Take Advantage Of The Optimum Keyword Tools To Effectively Enhance Your Campaign For Google Adwords

16/03/2012 17:39

Selecting the proper keywords and keyphrases is among the most essential aspects of a successful Google Adwords campaign. Guessing on what would be the right keywords to use for your niche can be costly considering that there are probably millions of keywords that are related to it. A keyword selector tool is actually provided by Google, but you can find more tools available that could aid your campaign.

Almost all Adwords masters use a three-step strategy when choosing keywords. Initially, they would be running common keywords on a keyword tool, in order for them to establish the kinds of searches performed and the volume. Next, they would look for probable synonyms that will help them establish related or similar searches that are done by the market they are targeting. Finally, they will identify underperforming keywords and do away with or tweak them from the campaign.

If you are looking for ways to develop a highly effective Adwords campaign, you'll have to choose the suitable keyword tool and then follow the three-step method outlined above. Howie Jacobson, author of the book 'Adwords for Dummies' explains that the most ideal keyword tools you can utilize for PPC campaigns are: Google's Keyword Selector Tool; Keyword Discovery; Word Tracker; and a basic Thesaurus.

Google's Keyword Selector Tool is totally free to use and can be used through your Adwords account. The tool enables you to enter one or several keywords into its box and show results for that keyword along with similar or 'relevant' keywords in the niche. You will gather statistical data that is relevant to the keyword including information on the volume of searches that are performed every month, as well as the average cost per click. You can then use this info on studying and comparing various keywords.

Keyword Discovery is a paid service that makes it possible for you to manage several lists of keywords, compare data, and produce reports effortlessly. This is a more powerful keyword analysis tool than the free Google Kewyord Selector Tool, and is most suitable for experienced Adwords users and SEO experts. If you're at ease with paying for the service, Keyword Discovery can assist you create comprehensive lists of keywords to help you target very specific groups in your market.

Word Tracker offers both a paid system and a free tool for evaluating keywords. Fundamental information would be provided to you by the free keyword tool such as the number of searches that were performed in a month for a particular keyword. It's a fast and simple to cross reference search volume for a particular keyword, but the numbers may not be as accurate as the Google Keyword Selector Tool.

Using keyword tools can be an effective way to 'mine' for long-tail keywords and synonyms in your niche. You would be able to analyze and compare hundreds of keywords using these tools, and you can export the result to a spreadsheet for hassle-free filing and referencing later on.

You can generate persuasive Adwords ads when you understand what is being sought after by your target. This will in turn result to higher click-through rates. If you're just starting out, take advantage of the free tools available and print out or organize the results to build your baseline keyword list.

Equally, offline and online businesses have many resources at their fingertips today for marketing to new customers. Services such as Adwords have been found to work extremely well for both local companies as well as for B2B marketing in particular industries.


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