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Tips In Getting The Best Price With Google Adwords

09/04/2009 11:04

In the realm of online marketing, designing an ad campaign can either empty your pocket or give you massive gains depending on how you maximize Google Adwords' potentials and how you sustain it as an ongoing process.

Known experts in this area like Perry Marshall (author of The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords) talk about how Google Adwords campaign can be managed efficiently. Marshall also discussed several techiques aimed at helping you gain benefits in your ad campaign and presents various ways on how to make your campaign a success as time goes by.

Applying the same techniques that experts and affiliate marketers follow doesnt have to be that expensive; the truth is, you can create your ads at a lower cost than what your competitors normally pay out for, through the following: identifying specific keyword segments, evaluating your results, and constantly replacing your ads. Reap more benefits and spend less in Google Adwords using these simple steps:

First, don't pay for top spot placement. Many people mistakenly believe that the #1 spot on the Google 'Sponsored Search' results will get the highest conversions, but in many cases, the #2 and #3 spots get as much, or even more conversions than the top spot. The benefit of bidding for spots outside of the top spot is that you can pay a much lower price and still get plenty of exposure for your target market. A visitor searching for information is also more likely to scan down the list, so you have an almost-equal chance of getting picked and clicked with your ad placement.

Second: your list must not contain any negative keywords. Hundreds of clicks can be generated by certain keywords or keyphrases, still, you have to be cautious since your ad's conversion rate depends on them. The presence of negative keyword in your ad campaign may affect the overall quality and quantity of your traffic, people may actually feel frustrated if they don't see the info they are searching for. This case may be addressed by replacing the keyword with synonyms or other related words; and this particular technique is essential in rapidly improving your CTR even after any minor alterations or modifications.

Last: avoid bidding on keywords that are too general. Aiming for a very targeted traffic towards your site does not necessarily mean it's fine to be wasting resources (such as time and money) by bidding on broad match keywords. Refer to the 'advertiser competition' results for those keywords; and if the bar is colored more than halfway, you may encounter difficulty bidding for a lesser price with the word. Instead, observe those that have low color indicator although this may require you to go through the list; remember, any keyword that is not highly competitive can also allow you to bid for a lower price. The 'exact match' feature of Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool can facilitate your search even better.

You can utilize a variety of strategies to enhance your Google Adwords ad campaign so you can make the most of your advertising and to establish market reach.Apply any of these strategies or techniques as you optimize your Adwords program so you can start bidding on winning but low-priced keywords.


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