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Tracking Conversion Rates For Your Adwords Advertising Campaign

16/06/2011 16:37

One of the most important features of having Google Adwords is to be able to check conversions appropriately. After you've made your selection of search phrases, made a compelling ad, and then integrated your Google Adwords campaign, the next step is to start monitoring conversion rates and examining the results.

Google offers two valuable conversion tracking features in the Google Adwords platform, but you may choose if you wish to basically depend on landing page hits or the quantity of sales produced from a particular link you used within the ad. No matter what the situation might be, below are some tips for keeping track of conversion rates using Google Adwords:

To begin with, you will need to embed the conversion link by using JavaScript. If you are having the e-commerce software or any other type of setup in which the shopper gets a confirmation as a part of their checkout process, your best bet is to use some Javascript code that gets returned to Adwords system.

The Adwords tool allows you to monitor the ads that clicked through and also produced a complete conversion; bear in mind that it doesn't let you see the actual number of visitors to the site. Simply put few lines of code within your website, then view the conversion monitoring records on the 'Campaign Summary' page in the Reports Center of Google Adwords.

The only requirements for installing conversion tracking on your site is that you are using approved Google AdWords advertising campaigns on the site, and the code snippet is put only on your conversion web page. If you are lacking either of the components, you will not be able to produce precise information regarding your Adwords advertising campaign.

You could check if the code is working by finishing an entire conversion process by yourself. If you can figure out just exactly every time a visitor has clicked on your advertising campaign and also finished the conversion process, you can review the sales reports within just 24 hours and view the actual click through on the report overview. Keep away from hitting your own advertisements, as this is a breach of the Adwords terms and conditions contract.

If you're using Paypal or any other payment checkout gateway, you can still monitor conversions through setting up the Adwords conversion tracker correctly. All you have to perform in this case is place a conversion verification page within the Paypal; after that you can insert the Adwords JavaScript code directly into the website. Whenever a buyer completes the Paypal or other shopping cart procedure, you will have a record of his or her visit, and, the most important, the conversion.

Authors Sarah Milstein, J.D. Biersdorfer and Matthew McDonald of the e-book "Google: The Missing Manual" , reveal that it is also essential to know your total cost per conversion throughout every given marketing campaign period.

This post will let you understand exactly how much it really can cost to earn your revenue; you can calculate it by using the cost-free conversion-tracking tools then coordinating the number of conversion rates to the total cost of your campaign for the given time period. To calculate this, you'll need to create a summary report of keyword purchases at the end of every month and then divide the amount of conversions by your total costs to do the ad.


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