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Ways To Generate More Traffic Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

12/01/2012 21:51

Pay per click marketing is among the most effective ways to generate more traffic to your site, blog site, landing page or shopping portal, yet only a few people know how to use Pay per click advertisements effectively for the long-term. To generate more traffic using PPC marketing campaigns, you'll need to learn how to conduct effective keyword research and use a range of different advertisements to find out which ones are the excellent performers.

According to Mitch Meyerson and Mary Eule Scarborough, writers of the book "Mastering Online Marketing", PPC campaigns like Google AdWords let website owner to set ads on search engine results page after conducting a basic keyword research. This means that you accept to pay for site traffic based on a person's keywords.

To make this effective, it is essential to show your advertisements only on the search results which can typically generate the kind of traffic you're looking for. This is an easy thing to to when there's a certain keyword or phrase that people look up to get to services or products you're providing, but it's a little trickier if there are synonyms for your words, or if adding one single word before or after the keyphrase can change the meaning.

This is why several Google AdWords master like Perry Marshall encourage pay per click managers to conduct something called 'negative keyword research'. This requires creating a list of keywords that you don't wish to include in your marketing campaign, because you have basis to believe that the kind of traffic these keyword searches would generate won't convert for your particular product. This negative keyword strategy can help you save money and ensure that your ads are only shown to site visitors who might be excellent converters.

Another way to produce more traffic using Pay-per-click campaigns is to track your click-through rates regularly and find out which particular words or phrases within your advertisements are converting. If you are using Adwords, you may link your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account for simple tracking of each and every click. Using these statistics, you'll find out what individuals are looking up for when they see your ad, and if they're clicking through to your product or service after looking at your advertisement.

Lastly, it's vital for all Pay per click marketers to adjust and change their own advertisements depending on performance. It is typically a good idea to run a number of advertisements with similar keywords but varied descriptions and headlines simultaneously, and figure out those that are doing more effectively than the others. This can help you narrow down the high-converting ads as well as help you concentrate your investing in only the words and ads that are giving results.


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