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Winning With Google Adwords - 5 Things You Need To Know

23/03/2009 14:45

If you think that using Google Adwords ads to promote your product or service will be a difficult undertaking, think again - it doesn't have to be a stressful experience at all. As a matter of fact, creating an ad that works with this strategy is quite easy, and Adwords ads can find success where more conventional marketing tactics (direct mail, print, other online ads, et cetera) have failed.

Adwords pioneers such as Perry Marshall have already tapped into the tremendous revenue potential of a Google Adwords campaign, and have laid out a step-by-step formula for success. Instead of spending days, weeks and months reading books and attending seminars, you can get started with a few simple, perhaps unconventional, strategies to tweak your campaign and maximize your revenue potential.

Here are five of the most important pieces of advice you'll ever get in regard to creating and maintaining successful Adwords ads.

1. Take advantage of keyword tools available online. Perry Marshall suggests that Adword users not look a gift horse in the mouth with regard to the myriad tools and applications available online to help marketers with keyword decisions. Keyword Universe from Wordtracker is one great tool that can help you find effective keywords and related words.

2. Spy on your competitors. You don't need an in-house market research team to find out what your competitors are doing; there are a wealth of resources now available online, and is one of them. Marshall also recommends this tool for finding out what types of keywords your competitors may be bidding on, and how much they're paying. This is useful when you want to estimate what your daily or monthly budget might be, and what specific keywords and keyphrases you should be focusing on.

3. Write an effective ad. Since you're working with just two key lines of text in a Google Adwords ad, the way in which you employ keywords and important phrases couldn't be more crucial. One helpful hint is that you should list the benefits of your product or service before broaching the topic of key features.

4. Aim for page one, even on a low budget. Many people cut their bid prices instead of lowering their budget amount - big mistake. Cutting your budget means you may not even appear on the first page of sponsored search results if your price is too low; you'll be much better off lowering your bid price when possible so you can still appear on the first page of listings on every search for that keyword.

5. Run more than one ad. In the opinion of Adwords pioneer Perry Marshall, split testing is a crucial way to ensure that your ad campaign is as successful as possible. Far better than just running a single ad and taking a wild guess as to whether or not it is performing as well as it could be is to run another similar ad concurrently with your first. The results from a similar but not identical ad simultaneously run with your first will give you more useful information about what really works.

Getting started with Google Adwords is a simple process, but you need to begin with the right approach to get results immediately. Start things off with these five steps so you can start getting clicks and driving traffic to your blog, website or sales page with ease.


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